MeanV2: β testing & optimistic future

While on our last announcement we’ve told you that it would only take 4 weeks for us to release an improved version of the protocol, the wait has come to an end, and all of this because of something…

We’ve worked tirelessly on rethinking our approach to the protocol with our focus on UX and gas improvements as the highest priority, after 4 months, we are proud to introduce to you the V2 release of Mean.

β testing

We are not yet ready to share all the good stuff that our V2 contains, but you will be able to join our journey as we DCA our way into full launch:

  • Week 1:
    Users that interacted with Mean V1 will be the first ones that have access to the version 2 of the protocol. These users are the most valuable to us and we want to keep them within our close circle, inviting them to be our first β testers.
  • Weeks 2–4:
    10b57e6da0 NFT holders will gain access to the protocol. We consider Lobsters as the backbone of the DeFi community, power users by nature, and that’s why we want to invite them as well to the β testing phase.

Are you ready to go? Come join the fam

Within these 4 weeks, we will be releasing to the public on a daily basis all the features that the protocol contains, you can stay up to date by following us on Twitter.

Optimistic future

The V1 launch made us understand that even the smallest details can ruin the UX from the users, that’s why the V2 beta testing is being launched after being audited by Pessimistic and the full release of our protocol will happen after the second audit is finalized with another auditing company.

Rather than pessimistic, we consider ourselves to be optimistic, that’s why we’ve decided to go full L2 native protocol with the first chain supported being Optimism. What does this mean for Mean? While the protocol will certainly co-exist on several chains (L1s / L2s / sidechains), our focus will be L2-first.

Make sure to join our community on Discord and follow us on Twitter for updates on our full launch.




The state-of-the-art DCA protocol.

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Mean Finance

Mean Finance

The state-of-the-art DCA protocol.

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