Mean is back!


About a month ago, a whitehat submitted a report through ImmuneFi detailing how a potential hacker could create and use a poisonous token to access user funds. At that moment we validated the report and paused all the contracts. This meant that users could no longer make deposits or execute swaps (withdrawals were available at all times).

It’s relaunch time!

Almost three weeks have passed since the bug bounty was first announced, and no critical issues have been reported. So let’s go over what we’ve done all this time, and what’s new in this new version:

Changes to the smart contracts

Vulnerability fix

  • Tokens with extreme volatility like LUNA
  • Tokens with low liquidity on Uniswap Oracles, like VUSD & others

New UI

We’ve been busy working not only on the smart contracts, but also gathering feedback from the community to bring a whole new UI into fruition. Now it will be easier to understand and use Mean for OGs and new Meaners 😎

What’s next?

New chains

The relaunch starts with Optimism, and Polygon will be following a few days after. But then… you will see Mean in some new and exciting places

New features

Since Mean started, the community has been asking for the ability to combine DCA & Yield together. We are happy to announce that we are currently working on making this a reality. When you ask?



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